residential property


The firm works closely with Buyers throughout the purchasing process to ensure that the Buyer is well represented and that all aspects of the transaction are thoroughly explained and understood. These steps include:

  • Initial consultation with client
  • Direct contact with client and real estate agent regarding drafting and negotiating the Offer to Purchase
  • Discuss and resolve any inspection issues that may arise
  • Review and negotiate Purchase and Sale Agreement to protect Buyer's interest
  • Communicate directly with Seller's attorney and Listing Agent on Buyer's behalf
  • Explain all aspects of Purchase and Sale Agreement to Buyer
  • For condominiums, review and discuss Master Deed, Declaration of Trust,
    Rules and Regulations and Budget with Buyer
  • Act as liaison with Buyer's financing institution
  • Assist Buyer throughout mortgage contingency process
  • Review final mortgage commitment with Buyer
  • Prior to closing, review Settlement Statement with Buyer and advise
    Buyer of funds required for closing
  • Draft Declaration of Homestead for Buyer
  • Attend closing and explain all documents to Buyer
  • Record closing documents at Registry of Deeds